Z & Z Optoelectronic Tech. Co., Ltd was established in 1998 in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone, Sichuan Province, P.R.China.
For years we have been trying our best to provide our best service in the fields of optical communication, optical instruments, electronics and become supplier & partner of some world leading companies and lots of famous manufacturers .

Components made of IR material. Dia.5mm~200mm high precision wafers such as Ge, Si; windows and flats with different sizes .
Infrared products we provide are mainly used in infrared optical field, including high purity coating material, ultra-thin windows and spherical optical components .


High precision windows, flats, prisms, lenses based on glass and special glass such as K9, ceramic glass etc..
Special high procision optical components: DWDM substrates .
We provide high precision BK7, fused silica, zerodur optical components with different specifications, including windows, DWDM substrates, wedges, lenses and prisms .

Z & Z has been keeping on technology innovation and obtained unique technology and productive ability in making super polishing ,ultra thin , high precision, high quality optical components .
Normally high precision can be achieved for many materials (BK7, Ge etc.,) at Dia.1"~2" with 300um thickness, even for 30um thickness optical parts .